UAB "Baltic Snails"

UAB “Baltic snails was founded in 2011. Our company is located near Moletai, in Sekiske. Each year from May till July we are buying live snails from natural environment, located in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and we producing calibrated snails meat and shells.  Long term experience of our staff gives us the possibility to offer the wide range of products and to fulfil the requirements of our clints. The high standards of quality allow to use raw material validated and delivered to the company with the relevant specifications. The food control is ensured though the production chain, starting from the collecting areas of live snails and proceeded  warehouse of the client. The efficient traceability allows to control all steps of our production

UAB Baltic Snails

Products range

Meat of snails

Packing size: 20 kg cardboard boxes (2×10 kg bags)

shells of snails

Packing size: 5,5 kg  or 6 kg  carboard boxes

Our Products

Snails meat - calibrated and not calibrated

Caliber: 1-3; Caliber: 2-4;
Caliber: 3-5; Caliber: 4-6;
Caliber: 5-7; caliber: 7-9;

Calibrated Snails shells

Available calibers: 6; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12